The Biggest Joint Pain Breakthrough
Your Doctor Never Heard Of

Joint Pain Miracle?

Doctor discovers “Pain Switch” completely by accident.
Shuts off the root cause of joint pain!

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Dr. Floyd Taub is Chief Medical
Advisor to Biocentric Health, Inc. a
graduate of Northwestern University's
Honors Program on Medicine former
Department Director at the national
Institutes of Health and inventor of the
first nano-drug approved by the US

"Made my life bearable."
- Judy M, Iowa
"The pain has virtually disappeared."
- Christina O, United Kingdom
"I've tried natural remedies including glucosamine, chondroitin, MSN, CMO, and boswellia. Nothing comes close to this...I noticed the difference almost immediately."
- J. Nelson, Pennsylvania

Dear Friend,

Dr. Juan Hancke originally set out to find a cure for the common cold. But he ended up accidentally discovering what may be the biggest natural pain relief breakthrough of our time.

Get ready to end your agony. Because this is a real game changer.

This breakthrough shatters two big myths
that 99% of today’s pain relievers are based on.

(Yes, the ones that do such a lousy job relieving pain).

It has two remarkable ingredients you may have never even heard of. Yet together, they stop pain at it’s very root, melting away the aches in every joint...lubricating and loosening your stiff knees, hips and backs... replenishing your natural joint cushions.

And it works for a full 93% of joint pain sufferers!

I’ve been practicing medicine for more than 35 years. And I’ve never seen any pain product, natural or pharmaceutical, with such a high success rate.

With this totally novel treatment, people who have been tortured by back, hip or knee pain for years – even decades — have found blessed relief.

Dr. Juan Hanche, M.D.
World-Renown Biochemist

Dr. Juan Hancke received his medical degree at Austral University of Chile. He then went on for advanced studies, additional certifications and post-doctoral degrees from the Max-Plank Institute in Gottigen, Germany, The School of Medicine in Hannover, Germany and The Charing Cross Hospital of the University of London. Dr. Hancke is also the recipient of a $3 million research grant from the World Health Organization for his study on Andrographis Paniculta.

How does it work?
By throwing the old rules and tired myths out the window.

Pain Relief Myth #1

COX-2 and 5-LOX inhibitors
can end your pain and

WRONG. COX-2 and 5-LOX are two big pain triggers, no question. And all the treatments that promise to block them may provide some relief for some period of time.

But here’s what the doctors don’t tell you: They’re just two of more than a dozen pain triggers in your body!

So stopping just COX or LOX is like shooting down a couple of enemy planes. But still leaving the rest of the squadron to come after you and continue torturing your joints!

No one has had a clue on how to inhibit these other pain triggers. That is, until now.

The simple secret to blocking all the pain triggers in every aching joint.

Several years ago, a Nobel Scientist from MIT identified a “Master Switch” for inflammation in our bodies.

When it’s turned on, it unleashes all of your body’s inflammation triggers — COX-2, 5-LOX, MMPs, cytokines, interleukins and so on — in a constant and agonizing assault on your joints.

But shut it off, and your inflammation and pain disappears in one fell swoop! No need to block each trigger individually.

Not surprisingly, the big drug companies have been scrambling for years to find the “magic key” that could control this switch.

But nothing they’ve tried has come close to this all-natural accidental discovery by Dr. Hancke!

Hydraflexin Step #1

Shut off Inflammation’s
“Master Switch” and
stop the pain for good!

On an island off the coast of India, Dr. Hancke found a rare plant that was rumored to have remarkable immune system and anti-inflammatory powers. Maybe this could be what beats the common cold.

As it turns out, the plant, called Andrographis Paniculata (AP for short), is loaded with compounds that are able to shut off the “Master Switch” of Inflammation!

The World Health Organization awarded Dr. Hancke a $3 million grant to develop AP’s exciting compounds. It was proven effective in several clinical trials. It was awarded a U.S. Patent.

And it is now a key ingredient of Hydraflexin, the new, all-natural pain relief breakthrough!

Hydraflexin’s AP is stunningly successful at relieving joint pain and stiffness!

Imagine the pure and immediate bliss of having ALL inflammation triggers blocked at once!

In one study, joint patients reported that their swelling and irritation vanished in days!

Slashed painful inflammation by 84%!

In a 21-week trial, people taking AP had vastly reduced levels of C-reactive protein, one the key markers of chronic inflammation in people with arthritis.

Faster and better than NSAIDs.

In just 2 weeks, people taking AP enjoyed a greater decrease in pain than those taking NSAIDs. (Not to mention AP is free of risky side effects!)

Cut pain in half.

Of 60 patients tested, those taking AP reduced arthritis pain by 50%, and lowered fatigue by 66%. AP takers also reported fewer swollen joints.

Pain pills no longer needed.

During a 14-week trial, just 5% of people on AP needed to take NSAID painkillers — 10 times less than those in the placebo group!


Hydraflexin's AP:

No other natural ingredient or drug has been clinically proven to...

SHUT OFF Inflammation's "Master Switch."

Pain Relief Myth #2

The first step in joint repair is to rebuild your cartilage.

WRONG. Cartilage support is vital, sure. But first you have to replenish your “joint oil” — called synovial fluid.

Synovial fluid is what lubricates our joints and allows them to move freely.

But an alarming report by the National Institutes of Health says that as we get older, we “leak” synovial fluid at a perilous rate.

By the time we turn 50, we’ve already lost about HALF our synovial fluid!

That’s a huge problem. Because without enough synovial fluid...

  1. You lose your lubrication, and your joints start to freeze up. Your range of movement becomes severely limited.
  2. You lose your joint cushion or “shock absorber”. So your bones begin to scrape against each other, causing agonizing pain — and accelerating bone loss.
  3. Your cartilage becomes starved of nutrients!

FACT:Cartilage has no blood vessels — so it depends 100% on synovial fluid to give it the nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

So you can take all the chondroitin, glucosamine, MSM and Sam-E that you like. But if you’re running dry on synovial fluid — the nutrients end up like boats grounded on a dry riverbed. They never make it to your cartilage!

Double-blind placebo studies show the HA capsules bring soothing lubrication like nothing else! Heralded as a major joint health breakthrough, its been awarded U.S. Patent #6537978.
We're thrilled to be able to bring you this same oral HA as part of Hydraflexin.

Hydraflexin Step #2

Replenish your “Joint Oil” with Nature’s Soothing Moisturizer
— amazing 93% relief rate!

What’s the solution?

You may have heard about the miracle of Hyaluronic Acid from Connie Chung’s News Report.

It’s receiving lots of “buzz”, with one nutritionist even raving about its “near magical properties.” And for good reason.

Hyaluronic Acid — also called Hyaluranon or HA — is the key natural component of all connective tissue in your body. It’s what gives skin its youthful softness and elasticity.

Despite the “acid” name, it’s really a smooth and soothing lubricant. Called “Nature’s Moisturizer”, it has an incredible ability to attract and hold water in your cells — retaining up to 100 times its weight in moisture.

HA is also the #1 component of synovial fluid. With enough HA, your synovial fluid is plumped up like a soft, comfortable cushion. Too little, and it’s like a deflated balloon — leaving you with no lubrication, no padding and no protection for your joints and cartilage.

Taking extra HA helps you restore lost synovial fluid. There’s just one problem...

Until recently, HA was available only through injections directly into the cartilage! These are expensive, painful procedures, done in your doctor’s office. And to work, you usually need to get several injections, once a week for a month or longer.

Recently, however, scientists “cracked the code” to bring you HA in easy-to-take capsules!

I’m excited to report that researchers have figured out how to make HA capsules that survive stomach acid and are readily absorbed into the bloodstream and joint cells.

Relieves joint pain, swelling and stiffness for an incredible 93% of users!

We’re thrilled to be able to bring you this same oral HA as part of Hydraflexin.

At last, it’s easy and affordable to nourish and moisturize your joints every day!

One word of warning, though...

Don’t be fooled by cheap rooster comb HA!

Some supplement makers sell Hyaluronic Acid that comes from the combs of roosters.

This HA costs the companies a lot less to make — but is not proven to work!

Rooster comb HA is too large to be absorbed by your intestinal tract! Only purified, root vegetable-based HA — as found in Hydraflexin — is small enough to be absorbed by your synovial fluid, where it can lubricate and rejuvenate your joints.

In a review published in the Journal of Applied Nutrition, scientists confirmed that “almost all beneficial properties for joint health attributable to HA” were from Purified HA — not inferior rooster comb HA!

And with its ridiculously low purity levels, rooster comb HA can even be toxic to your health!

Please don’t waste your money on rooster comb HA. Stick with the proven pain-relieving, joint lubricating benefits of Hydraflexin HA!

Don’t wait another day to restore your vital joint fluid! Try Hydraflexin risk-free and receive four free gifts today!

“Feel better now than when I was 30!”

“I am 78 and still working full-time. I feel better now than when I was 30! It wasn’t so long ago that I could hardly walk because of the pain in my left knee. I’ve tried other joint products, but only Hydraflexin takes away my pain and the stiffness.”

--Ruth A, Shippenville, PA

“Swears by the relief Hydraflexin has provided!”

“My husband had a knee problem. Glucosamine and Chondroitin did not help. He swears by the relief Hydraflexin has provided him. He was soon complaining when we ran out for a few days recently… we won’t be running out again!”

--Louise S, Hillsdale, NJ

Already bringing fast, lasting, wonderful relief to over 50,000 people!

“The difference between hopefulness and despair!”

“My hands were very stiff and painful. I’ve also got arthritis in my feet. I am very sensitive to medications and cannot take NSAIDs because I react to them with even more pain! What attracted me to Hydraflexin was the idea that I’m

nourishing my joints with a natural lubricant as well as relieving pain. I like the way Biocentric Health explains the science of the product. I don’t accept a simple “try it you’ll like it” approach. Hydraflexin has made the difference between hopefulness and despair. It’s actually made my life bearable by decreasing my pain and increasing my function.”

--Judy M, Iowa City, IA

Avoided knee replacement surgery!”

“I’m 63 and I’ve been a keen sportsman all my life. However, because of motorcycling accidents I’ve had two surgeries on my left knee. Since these injuries my doctor has told me I’m a prime candidate for knee replacement.

With Hydraflexin I’m no longer in pain and have avoided knee replacement surgery. Now if I ever “overdo it” a bit, by the next day Hydraflexin takes away the residual pain and stiffness."

--J. Nelson W., Lebanon, PA

Finally: Blessed relief from stiff, painful knees!

“Within three days, the pain had virtually disappeared!”

“I recently went on vacation to New Zealand. What with the long haul flights, and helping bring in the harvest on a flower farm there, my knee began to give me problems. I’m 68 and love walking so when my knee gave out it was a big worry.

My doctor only recommended pain-killers and rest. They masked the pain for a while. Then a friend from the U.S. sent me Hydraflexin. Within three days the pain had virtually disappeared!! I walked for about an hour on uneven ground and was free of pain."

-- Christina O., Bournemouth, UK

Arms and shoulders moving freely, without pain!

“Hydraflexin brought more relief than anything else!”

“About a year ago, I severely strained the tendon and ligaments in my elbow.

A friend of mine introduced me to a product called HYDRAFLEXIN.

Hydraflexin reduced the symptoms of pain, stiffness and burning in my elbow to a greater degree than did the other products. The effects have not disappeared entirely, but I would have to say that HYDRAFLEXIN has worked much better.....and my elbow would definitely agree!”

--David Bremenstu, Germantown, MD

Back problems now a thing of the past!

“80% free of pain since!”

“3½ years ago I could hardly walk because of low back pain. Before Hydraflexin the only way to manage my pain was with epidural injections into my spine.

Last time around I had the first injection, expecting to need two more, and began Hydraflexin. That was September ’06. I never went back for the other two injections and I’ve been about 80% free of pain since.”

--Jeanne W, Columbia City, IN

Your Unconditional Guarantee

Hydraflexin must erase your pain or we will refund 100% your money.

Period. No questions asked.

Hydraflexin is NOT just another “herbal hodgepodge” of ingredients that work some of the time, for some of the people. It’s the result of two patented breakthroughs clinically proven to reverse joint destruction and bring fast pain relief.

That’s why we can unconditionally guarantee its results for you.

Hydraflexin must:

  1. Stop your inflammation and stop your pain. You must feel quick, dramatic and long-lasting relief in all areas: knees, shoulders, hips, back and neck.
  2. Soothe, lubricate and nourish your joints. You must feel like your joints are becoming “unfrozen,” and be able to bend, lift, move and stretch like you haven’t in years.

Although some people have reported rapid results— please take as long as you need to decide if it’s truly making a difference in your life. You must be completely delighted with your pain relief and increasing mobility — or you can return the unused portion in 90 days for a full and prompt refund. (less S&H if any)

In any case, we want you to keep all the gifts you received, along with our thanks for giving Hydraflexin a try.

Floyd Taub, M.D.
Chief Medical Advisor, Biocentric Health

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